Thursday, October 23, 2008

Autumn leaves, heading ‘home’

While at our mooring near Heyford Wharf ‘Epiphany’ with John and Fiona arrived, now free to explore the waterways.

We had another blogger meeting with No Problem also nearby. They have left the Kennet & Avon wondering about its lack of care and maintenance that threatens its very existence. We had spent many years on that canal watching it improve dramatically after a huge donation from the lottery fund and it would be such a waste of that public money to let it fall apart.
A slow trip to Wilton through the autumn tints, the golden leaves falling in to the canal and clogging the prop while passing slowly many groups of moored boats on the way. Diesel at Wilton Marina was selling for 79 pence a litre and we also got some goodies from their well stocked chandlery. Then it was time to tackle all those wide locks all the way up to Norton. Some effort required to work the gates after being spoilt on the rivers where most locks were ‘push button’ operated! And then Moore 2 Life took us through Braunston tunnel while NoProblem took our friends Sue n Vic north with a plan to meet before Christmas.
Braunston has become our canal life ‘home’. We seem to start and end our annual adventures here. As soon as we had arrived, familiar faces walked by the boat. The ‘tow path telegraph’ was activated again. “How is so n so?” “Where have they been this year?” We saw our friends in the Marina and exchanged stories of our adventures.


Jim Davies said...

Hi Chas and Ann,
Not really a "comment" as such but more a request. I appreciate the link you provide from your site to mine but I've noticed its out of date. (Not your fault, obviously). I now post my blog on Any chance you could update your link, please?
NB Starcross

Chas & Ann said...

Hi Jim, Thanks for pointing that out. Have changed the link and looked at your blog! Interesting times ahead. BW needs a good financial advisor!
Chas, Moore 2 Life

John and Fiona on nb Epiphany said...

Did you get our last email and comment?
We liked the picture, and would appreciate a copy if poss.

Also, Kings Langley PO will accept Poste Restante mail. You could add this to your list if you like. (Great list by the way)


John & Fi