Saturday, October 18, 2008

Change of environment

We are back on the canal system. Through Northampton and up that flight of locks. Apparently British Waterways got called out to replace the water again as a queue of boats gathered at the bottom. Then one boat behind the other progressed through the narrow locks and shallow muddy ditch. Helping each other by opening the bottom paddle after leaving the lock so the next is empty.
We have our memories and pictures of the last 6 months touring the rivers of East Anglia to look back on. But now we look forward to rediscovering the canal system again while heading north and making plans for the next year’s adventures.

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Mo said...

Hi you two
We looked across in your direction as we turned up the Leicester Line but no sign of you.

Sorry to miss you again, catch up with you next year I guess, who knows where, who knows when.

Mo and Vanessa

Woof-woof to molly.