Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Waterway Environment

The natural world adapts as the environment changes. Animals will change their habits or move away to a place that suits them. So if the environment becomes unsuitable the animals will leave. And then we will miss them when they are gone.
Boaters on the canals and rivers are the same. If the environment is changed boaters may change their habits or move away. The environment is changing. Not a natural environment but a man made one caused by increased costs and lack of maintenance. Some boaters on limited incomes may well leave the environment and try to sell their boats in a declining market. Some of us may consider reducing exploration of canals and rivers. Will the authorities then realise that they are staving the golden goose?
Meanwhile conditions on the river Nene have caused us to stop moving again. A natural change, after heavy rain the river has risen and increased its flow. The Environment Agency has closed the navigation. We are happier this time being in the company of our friends on No Problem and are able to walk to the shops at Oundle.

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