Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home alone with Molly and Tara

Ann went home to help our son and family move house. It is surprising how many people and organisations need to know where you are. We, Molly and me, are in a new routine, she tales me for a walk in the misty mornings and in the warm afternoons. We found a stick in the field which is being chewed and thrown if Molly will let me. It becomes a game next day trying to find where it was left the day before. Poor Tara does not do much as she is old and has gone blind but is happy because she can still purr.
I can cook for myself providing there is something to eat. One spud, cabbage, carrot and even a parsnip goes down with meat pie and gravy. Ann went to the local butcher to stock up before she left. I must remember to get it out of the freezer in the morning. “Done that”. Mince and bolognaise sauce with extra mushrooms and a fresh tomato served with spaghetti for Sunday.
A community of boats has arrived for the weekend. They are all quite friendly with some dogs and a cat among the boaters. But there is always one that runs engine with prop trying to bore a hole in the bank. It was only the other day that some men arrived to fill a hole with sand bags. Well at least the Environment Agency do respond and carry out repairs when needed.


Elsie said...

Hi Chas, Just a quick hello to say I am still following your blog. I bet you'll be glad to see Ann back as it gets pretty quiet when home alone. Take care Elsie & Eric

Linda - Cats on the Cut said...

Hi Chas and Ann

I have been referred to your site by Mo of Narrowboat Journal - she says you may be able to help me with my CATS ON THE CUT project - if you can send me an email to - I can send you details.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Linda