Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nene flood (Strong Stream)

It is so important to keep stocked up with the consumables while on the waterways as you may not be able to continue your journey. It is now 5 days since we were forced to stop moving. The River Inspector has called each day to keep us informed about the flooding situation. Many locks are still ‘reversed’ letting water rush down to the sea from Northampton and beyond. The river water has turned a dirty brown just like many canals! So long as there is no more rain we could continue by the weekend. The air draught remains at 1.5 meters. We need 2.2 meters to get under the bridges. So the water has to go down 0.7 meters or about 2 feet 6 inches. We have been told that some boaters continued to move against Environment Agency advice! There are many low bridges which are impassable now.
We are unable to get off the boat without having to climb out on to a metal guard rail.
The landing stage is now about 20 inches under water and we look forward to seeing the bollards again!
Each day Molly the dog is packed into the haversack and carried off on Ann’s back. They have been off to the Post Office / Shop in Wansford for food. Many gardens are now under water there.
A couple in a red car stopped and asked if we need any help. Ann asked for some vegetables. Later in the day they returned with several shopping bags of food from their garden. Thank you very much for the Marrow, runner beans, tomatoes’ and potatoes. We were overcome with emotion seeing such generosity and care from strangers. “Anyone know how to make Marrow Soup?”.
Thankfully we are cheered up by a warm sunny day.

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brian said...

I just received this.
Latest from EA is they are setting the reversed locks back to normal on
Monday so navigation should be ok Late Monday onwards.