Monday, September 01, 2008

Meeting friends again

We plan to return to the canal system during September. But first we meet Sue n Vic on No Problem. Molly, our dog, has been down in the dumps since going our separate ways these last 15 days so it was not just us who missed their company. Molly, Meg and Lucy were chasing each other and going off for walks once again. Then we all enjoyed a ‘Sunday Lunch’ on board NP and Ann made an apple crumble for pudding. Next day we were off on the first step of our journey, the long stretch of the Ouse to Denver. Thankfully it did not rain but it was windy pushing us along down river. We have reluctantly lowered our ‘biminy’ because there are many low bridges to get under while on the Middle levels and the river Nene. The back cover provided excellent protection from the sun, wind and rain while on the move.

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Madwag said...

you have a lovely blog... I have blogrolled you...feel free to visit my blog if you wish. we ride our bikes along the K&A canal.. it is so beautiful. someday my husband and I would love to have a narrowboat, perhaps when we are retired and the kids have grown. :o) ... or maybe even before if we are lucky