Friday, September 12, 2008

Going down

A tree is about to come down
But it won't get under here!
Warnsford lock
Bridge too low or high water!
The angry waters of the Nene
The landing stage is under water. We have been lucky here. At least we were able to get off. Some boaters were given scaffold poles to prevent grounding.
The river inspector was right when he told us we would be here at least a week. The water started going down on day 6. On day 7 the water gauge is now reading 2 whole meters and we can see under the bridge even if we cannot get under it! Our view of the world today has changed now that the water has gone down 0.6 meters which does not sound much but it means a lot to us. Another 0.1 of a meter will bring the level down to the minimum head room specified for navigation on this river by the Environment Agency. We are forced to quote metric because that is how it is measured. That clearance is only just enough as we have to remove many items off the roof to proceed.
The landing stage is now just above the surface and we spent a ‘happy hour’ with Molly, bucket and broom washing all the mud off it. For safety you understand.
The River Inspector came to see us again and was kind enough to take our rubbish away.
The Strong Stream Advice will continue till at least Tuesday. The worst area is at Islip footbridge near Thrapston where the water is still higher than normal ahead of us.
Oh dear it has started to rain.


Roger said...

We only live up the road at Wittering. If you would like picking up and maybe taking shopping we would be glad to help.

Roger & Pip
NB Windsong

brian said...

Glad you are safe, it could have been much worse. Hopefully you will be on the move again soon.


Chas & Ann said...

Thank you for your comments. We would welcome your moral support over a cup of tea.
Chas n Ann