Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On the move again

We are going up through the locks on the Nene many of which have a weir to one side where the river rushes over a waterfall. It has become a habit to use our front rope to prevent the boat heading over to the weir as we leave the lock.

We stopped a night at Fotheringay after topping up with water. The stone arched bridge showing some damage caused during the flood where boats coming down stream had smashed into it.

St Mary & All Saints church here has a huge lantern tower but because part of the original building was demolished it now looks out of proportion.

An air balloon landed in the field in the evening not far from the boat. The balloon was slowly deflated as darkness fell. Ann went to watch and felt all the hot air being forced out. The owner of the field had charged us for staying the night here and also asked the owner of the balloon for a landing fee!
Later on we intend to get back to the canal system. Must be before November when the Northampton flight is closed for winter maintenance. We are concerned about items of news in Narrowboat World on the internet. Two narrowboats stuck in a bridge hole! “Some disagreement about who should go through first”. Apparently there is a rule about giving way if you are on the towpath side. “Just stop and wait by the tow path then”. The other rule is to give way to boats coming down stream while on rivers. Also reported is the boater who’s boat, with fenders down, got stuck in a narrow lock! The ‘old’ boaters would never move with fenders down.

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