Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On our way again

The waters have calmed down and we are travelling every day now to get off the river Nene.
Wonderful bright sunny days to enjoy cruising up river, some starting off with a mist in the cool October mornings. There have been a few narrowboats moving down stream. The World Conker Championships were being held in Ashton as we left.

Our habit is to travel with No Problem in the mornings, covering around 10 lock miles a day and stopping at our favourite moorings on the way. The afternoon is then free to walk dogs, make jam, and catch up with emails, bloggers and the day’s pictures.
We have been sorting pictures of our travels on the rivers this year and adding them to our website pages. Just updated the ‘Middle Level’ with over 70 views sorted in order from Stanground to Salters Lode.
Thought for the week – What is money without trust? Value is what you pay for.

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