Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brother’s visit

Last weekend was special because Brod came up from the south to see us. After parking his car, walking to the boat and a welcoming drink we explored Braunston. Up the hill past the church, encouraged by a dry sunny day we went on and visited the Autumn Fair in the village hall.
Then on down to the bottom lock and up to the Admiral Nelson for a social drink while watching a few boats through the lock. The Old Plough gave us all a meal in the evening at a table near a cheerful warm fire. Next day after breakfast he was gone. We had time to catch up with family news and events and swop a few pictures. He continues research into the family tree getting information off the internet.
Having filled the tank with water we went off north for 6 miles to turn at Tarry’s bridge.

Doves at Tarry's bridge
We had ordered a Tesco delivery at Willoughby and the return trip seemed to take forever as it turned colder. Another appointment in Daventry required that we were at least facing Braunston for a few days.

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