Monday, November 17, 2008

Preparations for a birthday

Ann made a Christmas cake and pudding some time ago which has become a tradition over the years. Brod took both back home after his visit.
Now is the time to think about gifts and cards. We have started by using the internet and getting goodies sent home. Plans have been made to get us home as well. Real shopping is ok so long as it is dry and not too cold. The town centres have the decorations hung up and we look forward to seeing the lights on. It gets dark early now so there is a good chance seeing them lit before we run out of energy! Any more gifts will be sent home by post.
We are slowly heading north now and hope to meet up with our friends on No Problem later. A stoppage at Atherstone will reopen hopefully early in December so there is no need to rush about yet. We came down through the locks at Hillmorton without needing to use any bollards on the way.
Is that a bollard up there by the road?
There has been some concern about British Waterways spending our licence money on unnecessary extra bollards being planted in the wrong places.

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