Saturday, November 29, 2008

Moving North

Spent a few days near Hawkesbury Junction, that is where the Oxford and Coventry canals join.
There is a marked contrast between the two in that the towpaths are so much better on the Coventry canal. We were waiting for the diesel supply boat Gosty Hill. Iain and Alison arrived in the dark evening just before 5.
They do seem to work hard and long with many more boats at the junction to serve with coal and diesel before they stop.
We turned right onto the Coventry next day, took on water and stopped just short of Nuneaton, passing the Warwickshire Canal Carrying Company, otherwise known as charity dock.
It is always a sight to see with many old boats, some of which are being restored. Then we saw that The Navigation Inn is now sadly closed. A dull cold day making us stop after less than 2 hours on the move.

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