Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Return to Braunston

We went down one lock to Calcutt Marina who are happy to fill our tank with diesel and allow us to declare our use for propulsion. Their prices were 66p for domestic use and £1.09 for propulsion. On our way back we noticed that Wigrams Turn Marina claimed to have no fuel for sale. Clifton Cruises will be selling diesel at the fixed rate of 98p based on a 60 / 40 % split. They will only sell at the low rate if you have a separate diesel tank for heating.
Molly is 4 years old this month. Ann got a special treat from the Braunston butcher, a bone to chew. Molly was lucky to be found by us and we have enjoyed her company while living on board. We had lots of help and advice while training her to be sociable. She is missing her friends Lucy & Meg at the moment while we travel a different way.
We saw Ernie & Rhonda on NB Ten Bob Note, but had to rush off to catch the bus to Daventry. They had moved on when we returned. The Christmas decorations are up in the Daventry streets and we started our seasonal shopping. There is a good selection of shops in this historic market town.

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Derek and Dot said...

Hi Chas

Very interesting. We ended up paying 81p for domestic and 1.05p for propulsion. We had to fight for that too. This was at Swanley Marina, next fill will be Venetion next weekend so will see how we go there. Its going to open up a minefield I can see that.
Take care Dot and Dot