Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Daylight / Nightlight

Before we left the Ashby canal we made contact with friends on ‘At Last’ moored near Burton Hastings. We first met them when they stopped to say hello many years ago while on the Coventry canal between Nuneaton and Atherstone. It was good to see them again and have a good old chat on board. We do try to keep in touch with friends on the cut when we are nearby.
Changing those clocks and having to wake up an hour later takes a bit of getting used to. At the end of the day we now have the lights on for an extra hour. What was it called? Daylight Saving? Daylight is free but the nation is now paying for that extra hour of night light. Might have been better to have fallen forward rather than back! Altering our time does not change the fact that as winter approaches the daylight time is getting shorter anyway.
We moved on to the Coventry canal and pushed through Nuneaton early. Stopped at bridge 23 to dump some rubbish and go to the shops. There is a recycling centre nearby. “Old clothes over there, just chuck that lot over there lov”. Oh why did we bother to keep it all separate? Then we went the other way to find the butcher. Good quality at Frank Parker’s no less. Moving on we got diesel at Springwood Haven, this time being able to make our own declaration before continuing to Hartshill.

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