Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do we expect too much?

It was not that long ago when many canals were un navigable. Way back when canals were created only horses were available to pull the boats through the water. When diesel engines were put in the boats they were pushed from the back and moved much faster and made waves. There are now more boats moving about the canals than ever before when they were operated commercially. At least the commercial operators showed respect and consideration.
It is perhaps not surprising that the system is suffering from the strain. Pumps now push the water back up the locks so there is enough to let the boats go down. We are lucky at times not to run aground more often. Even when we started 15 years ago there were problems with the water supply. The use of some locks near summits were booked for use and limited to a few days a week. Many others were locked at night to save water.
With limited money and maintenance effort we all may have to realise that limited use will return, if not by design then by failures of the system.


Heth said...

I totally agree, checkout my blog post here about the conditions round here, think we could do with a pump or 2 lol

Takey Tezey

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Sorry link is here:

Forgetting things is one of my talents lol