Sunday, October 04, 2009

Moving with friends again

Ann had gone off on the bus to Cogenhoe to find them moored on the Nene. A few days later we were together, No Problem and Moore 2 Life. “I knew they were near when I heard dogs barking. Lucy, Meg n Molly rushed up and each gave me a lick!” It did not take long to move on past Nether Heyford and Weedon. The wide canal is weaving its way past the hills of Northamptonshire with a variety of open farmland and woods. Both boats called at Fred Tarry’s for gas, coal and diesel before stopping past the noisy motorway. Next day we continued up the Buckby flight, across the summit, through the bent tunnel and all the way down to Braunston.
We were pleased to see that at least some work has been done at the tunnel to prevent further land slippage.
Sue and Vic went on next day while we took the bus into Daventry. Why do they all come at the same time? This time there were no less than three of them, two for Rugby and one for Banbury. At least the bus companies are running a viable service. We had done a pre winter clearout and donated the majority to charity in town. It was an enjoyable outing in sunshine and we had a snack at the local cafe.
When we returned we paid a visit to friends in Braunston Marina. There were many other boats gathered on the canal which we passed on the way out next day. It was a very windy Saturday as we progressed north to the locks at Hillmorton where we caught up with our friends again.

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