Saturday, October 31, 2009

Get a move on

Got to use those daylight hours to get to where were going. Sue told us about an unexpected stoppage at Colwich Lock which we must get through before the 9th of November. No rush really. We are getting away early after breakfast and stopping for a rest and sandwiches midday. We have done all those locks at Atherstone and shopped at the Co-op, passed by Polesworth, down the two locks at Tamworth and even passed those lovely gardens in Whittington.
The Coventry still proves to be one of our favourite canals but there are so many other places, towns, villages and moorings which are spread all over the waterway system that we like so much. I am imagining a utopia waterway with all our favourite places and all the nasty boring bits removed. It is something to ponder about during a few otherwise idle moments? No more than 5 locks in a few miles then a long stretch and no wide ones. At least one tunnel which you can see through. Tow paths for walkers, not cyclists and wide enough in places to sit out under the shade of a tree in summer...... I do not know whether to take what we have and remove the bad bits or to make a list of the good bits and paste them together on an interesting track.
By the time we had got to Kings Bromley we had met both Roger n Pip on Windsong and Derek n Dot on Gypsy Rover.
We’ve been moving most days since turning at the end of the Ashby and now stopped for a weekend.
Now what is this? Well, well.......
This 'orable goolie was seen near Atherstone top lock. Ooooooooo!

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