Thursday, January 06, 2011

Back to boat

We have returned safely to our boat Moore 2 Life. We were greeted by our friends on Rock n Roll and Seyella who all stayed on board over the Christmas holiday and into the New Year. They had reported that the temperature went down to minus 20 centigrade at one time. Thankfully it is a bit milder now, the snowman has long gone but ice remains on the canal.
We had left with snow and ice all over the boat so in such conditions it is important to carry out a full ‘winterisation’. Both engine and radiator systems should have 50% antifreeze mixture. “Don’t just top up with neat antifreeze because it won’t mix.” Turn off the water tank tap, undo the connection to the pump and turn on the hot taps first. When all the hot water has gone turn on the cold taps. Switch off the pump power and reconnect the water supply. Leave all taps open so when you return all you do is turn on the tank tap and restore power to the pump. Turn the taps off when water comes through. I had also taken the precaution of covering the pump, feed and supply pipes with blanket to protect them. I am only sorry not to have mentioned all this before we all left our boats to the elements. We were so saddened to read about Dell and All on Derwent 6 who have suffered so much frost damage.
It was colder inside than out and Molly’s drinking water had frozen. Our solar panels had kept the batteries full with a gentle charging voltage so the central heating could be turned on after restoring the water supply. Once the oil fire had got going we then got a welcome cup of tea on Seyella.

While away we took the opportunity to visit the Chichester Canal. This is the tide lock.

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