Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A convoy of boats

Most of the ice has gone and this week promises to be mild. All three boats that have been staying at Gailey since November last year are setting off in convoy intending to meet up with another boat on the Shropshire Union. But before the off all boats were tanked up with diesel and water and used other facilities.

By late morning the convoy left Gailey and covered 13 lock miles on their first journey together. On the way only a few icebergs were seen lurking under trees and at various bends in the canal.

All members of boat crew were cheered up by regaining their freedom to move. So much so that when arriving at the destination they all convened at a meeting on one of the boats to discuss further moves.


Captain Ahab said...

Phew - movement at last!

LES said...

Watch those icebergs....Titanic.
Yes for sure the freedom is appreciated after such a long spell frozen in.