Friday, January 21, 2011

Which way to go?

The winter stoppages are changing due to the weather. Some are cancelled, some are added and dates altered. Need to keep informed through Waterscape on the web. Then get the maps out and sort out possible routes. We have a choice of three possible routes from Autherley Junction at the end of the Shroppie. South to Stourport, North to Great Haywood or East to Birmingham. Our long term wish is to head for Braunston and Crick to meet friends.
There are stoppages whichever way we go so it is down to where is open first. The route through Birmingham is open on 11 th. March. Tixall Lock should be open on 28 th. January which would allow us to get through Colwich Lock before it closes on the 7 th. of February. Then we have a clear run to Atherstone which opens on 28 th. of February. Should all be clear by the time we get that far. Now we can concentrate on the detail. Where to stop, walk and shop.

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