Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do not worry

We have just topped up our tank with red road diesel. It has less sulphur in it so will produce less sulphuric acid than the ‘gas oil’. The engine is running OK and our diesel fire is still quite hot so enough said on that subject.
Been on the 880 bus from Wheaton Aston to Stafford and just do not know how the driver gets us safely through all the narrow country lanes. Found B & Q, Maplins, Argos and other electronic stores just south east of the town. There are loads of gismos to see and wonder what they are all for. But mostly made in China these days rather than Japan. After some ‘finger lickin good’ at KFC we walked back in town looking for mobile phone accessories.

Ice is still lingering
Back on our boat we set off to catch up with the ‘convoy’ now waiting for us just south of Brewood. Crew members from all four boats gathered again this time on board No Problem and enjoyed music, chat n booze to the end of the day. When we had recovered next day the convoy finally split in two. No Problem and Moore 2 Life made it to Moat House Bridge on the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal. It was a cold grey day ending in dampness so we were all glad to have arrived. We ended up about 3 miles due east of the other two boats Seyella and Rock n Roll.

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