Monday, June 06, 2011

A natural life

We got water and diesel while passing through Weedon on our way to Bugbrooke.

There we walked into the village to post a letter and visit the little shop. On the way back we sat a while in the millennium garden. It was on the way back to the boat that we saw two people waving their arms.
They were Les n Jaq! Back on our boat we made tea and offered cake and biscuits while getting to know them both together.

Jaq is lovely and friendly and it was not long before we were talking about English and American life. Jaq loves to do the cooking and has told us about many mouth watering meals and snacks. It seems that there are many natural plants and herbs growing near our boats. Her knowledge of natural herbal remedies has been gained over many years of training. They were obliged to leave all too soon heading for the Wilton locks to be tackled the next day. We wished them both well on their journey back to America for marriage and hope to see them on their return.

1 comment:

LES said...

Always a pleasure to be in you company.
Yes we certainly will meet up when we return.