Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Problems with iTunes

The iPod is able to play hundreds of music tracks. It can display the artist, album name, track title, and pictures relating to the track or album. In order to get the data into the iPod it needs to be connected to a computer running iTunes.

The data can either be loaded to the computer from your own collection of CD's or downloaded from various web sites on the internet. If you are copying from your own CD's you could be using Microsoft Windows Media Player. If you happen to be on line at the same time you will find that data relating to the CD will be downloaded.

I have encountered many problems with these apparently simple procedures. Some tracks have no picture or a poor quality one. The names of the artist, album or tracks are sometimes not known. I think it true to say that most; if not all the data related to the track is contained in the file. I have tried to keep to the *.mp3 file type. iTunes generate *.m4a when copying from a CD.

In order to try and resolve the problems I have developed a procedure to follow from files, folders or directories on the computer to adding or changing the data within iTunes.

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