Monday, June 20, 2011

Short trips and slow going

Dave Bassett has been fitting cupboards in our galley and bathroom with one more to go in the bedroom. We have been trying to go slowly so he does not travel far from Crick. So we are moving a few miles and staying a few days.

We were somewhere near Blisworth when Mo n Nes stopped for a chat. We do not set off if it is raining so now that the dry spell has ended we are happy to stop a while. The problem is that after 3 days we get itchy feet and need to move on. We try to find moorings with a hard edge to hook on to and some local walks.

Yardley Gobion has a marina that sells gas so we stopped to exchange bottles in between the showers. We passed the new Thrupp Wharf marina which is filling up with boats. But there are still many boats on private moorings on the canal. It was BW's intention to reduce the on line moorings so no real sign of that happening. There are many large trees and bushes that reduce the width of the canal by half in places. So what with boats on one side and trees on the other it can be slow going.

We have stopped past the Cosgrove lock. Above the lock there are many tatty boats and BW work boats occupying the visitor moorings by that lovely stone bridge.


Eddie said...

What's a "tatty boat"?

Chas and Ann said...

It is a boat in need of tender loving care.