Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A few hot days

We were still at Cosgrove when Terry n Myra arrived in Plaidy. We had spent a few days below the lock walking round the local quarry by the river Great Ouse.

The 200 year old aqueduct takes the canal over that river at great height. Although short the aqueduct is made in a similar way to that one in Wales. The boarder of Milton Keynes is nearby and the foot paths are in excellent condition.
We stayed on board to watch the Formula One racing from Europe. Then we were invited by Richard and Sarah on board Scarweather for drinks and nibbles. We sat on the bow during that warm evening and watched the hot sun sink slowly below the horizon.

Next day we were off early to beat the heat and shop at Wolverton Tesco. It was when we came out that we felt the heat as it had been cool inside!

A few miles on got us to Haversham where we set up the BBQ. It was a cool spot with the trees providing shade as the sun moved round.
A patrol officer came by on his bike and agreed that we could stay 14 days here. "Not that we would anyway." It is not understood why BW have dismissed the patrol officer back at Cosgrove but they are regretting it now. Several years ago she was very helpful with local information. Like the lock keepers the people 'on the ground' are very much needed to control the use of canals and moorings.
We were lucky to find a gap between the many boats at Campbell Park. Terry n Myra had stopped at the previous bridge and arranged to meet us after lunch. We all walked over to Willen lakes under an increasingly cloudy sky. A cafe provided cups of tea when it started raining. Such a change after those few hot days.

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