Monday, July 04, 2011

Wimbledon takeover

The second week is always best to watch with so much good tennis to see. We are moving but only short trips, getting lunch then watching the games. The ladies all seem to look the same with long blond hair whatever country they come from. "But why do some make so much noise!" Then it was the men's final with an unexpected result. I usually support the expected looser so that was a win for me. Our own Scottish player did well to get to the semi again. If we really want the Brits to win maybe we should give them more support.
When at Fenny Stratford we went to the Swan for lunch with our friends to celebrate our 45 th Anniversary no less. The shops in the 'High Street' have changed since we were last here. It is a case of the small village and useful shops closing down because people with cars just go along Watling Street to all the drive in shop centres. Perhaps the huge rise in fuel costs will eventually make them change their habits. For those like us without a car rely so much on the small village near the waterway for milk, bread, vegetables and post.


Carol said...

Hi Ann and Chas - Happy 45th Anniversary to you both!

Sue said...

Blimey I missed that one! Too much going on, but our best wishes to you both and glad you had a nice night out.. Take care you both xx

Chas and Ann said...

Thank you both for your messages. Oh how time flys when you're having fun boating! :-)

LES said...

All the very best to you both.