Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Things to do at Linslade

Visitor moorings at Leighton Buzzard are handy for the shops. There is Tesco, Homebase and Aldi here right by the canal. Linslade is on the other side of the canal and has a Launderette and a train station but not much else. The only Post Office is now to be found across the river in L. B.
It was only two hours at the visitor moorings so we moved on and were lucky to find a space round the corner. Now we have 14 days to explore and use the facilities at our leisure. We arranged to get our post delivered but had to instruct the town's PO what 'Poste Restante' meant. "We will collect it to save you having to deliver it to our boat." Then we striped the bedding and got all our bed quilts cleaned at the Launderette.
The satellite and local digital signal was temperamental due to the tall flats and trees. The signal must have been bouncing around because the picture came and went every 5 minutes. Thankfully the post arrived next day so we moved on a mile to a new walk bridge near the old sand pit lake.

The Sands of Time Trail making a good 1/2 hour walk round.
The TV signal was back to normal here so we were able to enjoy the F1 racing from Silverstone at the weekend. Many problems foxed the engineers and drivers with the much improved track and not helped by rain on Sunday which only made half the circuit wet. So it was an entertaining race.

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