Thursday, July 14, 2011


We move with friends on Plaidy. Every now and then we find a pub for lunch but it is not our usual way. At Marsworth there was a choice of Red or White Lions. Now only Red remains as a country half thatched public house by the canal. We had found a mooring between bridge 129 and 130 and walked to the Red one, beaten by a bunch of people off a day boat. Although our meals were slow coming they were worth waiting for.
While on a walk to the lock we realised how lucky we were to have found a space. Most of the moorings were taken with boats on both sides. Despite the apparent customer potential the White Lion was closed and boarded up.

The British Waterways yard is also closed and up for redevelopment despite local boater protest. I hope that the boater facilities will remain for use. And that this old loading crane is preserved when houses are built here.

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