Thursday, July 28, 2011

TESCO Comment

I arrived by narrowboat and moored at your 'Frogmoor Wharf' about midday on Thursday 28 th July. I was pleased to note that boaters were not overstaying and that there was a space at the mooring. After shopping in the store which was cooler inside than out we moved our boat over to the British Waterways moorings on the otherside of the canal.
A while later one of your shopping trollies appeared near my boat opposite your store. It seems that the trolly had been stolen from your store. I am so dissapointed that so many TESCO trollies do end up in the canal. You do not seem to care much about the value of them. My boat is my home and could suffer disabling damage if the rudder or propellor gets caught up in a sunken trolly.
Please make arrangements to collect any trollies found alongside the waterways. It would be better if you could operate a locking system that keeps them on your property.


Chas and Ann said...

Hi John,

Just had a read of your blog but could not leave a comment.

Over here our waterways, rivers and canals, need much more respect and support.

Thanks for reading our blog. Do read some other boater blogs that we follow.

John F said...

I read your blog every new post, and several of your links.
We had a chance to narrowboat last year in Wales and England and loved every min. of it.
While we were planning we followed your blog a lot.