Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dinas Bran

Ann and friends Carol, George n Geoff climbed up to that old castle up the mountain in Wales. The boys got there first with the dogs. The ladies went the long way round!

Yes, the voting has happened. So easy on the Internet. My choices were based on people I personally knew. I did not read much about the candidates statements of good intent. I voted for five people mainly relying on knowing them or their sponsors. Let us all hope that we like the result. At least there has been a huge response from boaters. Four on the committee does not seem enough but time will tell and things can change.

We have turned round now and gone over the 'Ponty' again. Not so good when it is cold n damp. Then on through the two tunnels and over the Chirk into England.

Sorry for this brief account but I seem preoccupied by sorting out loads of pictures, reading family history and finance.

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