Thursday, February 09, 2012


When the canal arrived at Trevor across that wonderful ‘World Heritage Site’ the company that built it ran out of money. The intention was to continue north to Chester for a supply of water from the river Dee. At Trevor the canal is 126 feet above that same river. Luckily the river is level with the canal 6 miles west just past Llangollen. So the company built a ‘feeder’ that just happened to be wide and deep enough for narrowboats! Often the ends of canals are very unattractive like the one at Oxford but this one is well worth going to the end.
The final miles are a bit slow going due to the narrowness and the flow from the Dee.
Views of the mountains and across the Vale are worth seeing. Our trip in February was grey n misty. At this time of year the marina was empty and the winter moorings by the facilities were full.
The town below the canal provided us with all the essentials.
Horseshoe falls is a further mile and a half further west of Llangollen and is where the canal gets its water. The path is much improved all the way from Trevor and makes for easy walking.


Foxy said...

What is the canal like, please? We are taking our boat Osprey from Ellesmere to Llangollen this weekend, weather permitting. We may see you! Any advice welcomed :)
Best wishes,
John and Liana Fox

Chas and Ann said...

Hi Foxy, Elsie's blog? It is cold n icy here on the Llangollen. The water taps were frozen.