Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ellesmere, Prees and Whitchurch

It was not long before Seyella arrived behind us. We had got the post and were busy sorting out the paperwork. Then took advantage of the shops to stock up. Sunshine encourages us all out for walks to the mere. We were to move off on Saturday but it turned cold and windy and snowed over night. That evening we had a mix of fish n chips and a Chinese takeaway on board Seyella.
After we cleared the snow on Sunday we set off to the Prees branch for diesel n gas. The visitor moorings are after lift bridge 2 so we stopped there.

The Sky signal was difficult to find due to the high hedge so up went the digi aerial for a clear picture using Geoff’s box again. The digital ‘freeview’ signals seem far better these days. The old analoque signal was never good at the best of times, which is why we got the Sky box. It is time now to consider an up grade to a wide screen digital TV.

We went into Whixhall Marina for our gas n diesel. Good value at £22 for the gas and 87p/l on offer at the zero rate for the diesel. We all then walked down the un navigable section of the ‘branch’.
Another half mile to Waterloo bridge is in water but full of reed and now a ‘nature reserve’.
The original line of the canal beyond the bridge is dry.

Another days cruising got us to Whitchurch. Here the arm is now open for visitors and that is where we found Balmaha.
We chose to lift the bridge and stop just beyond it on visitor moorings.
Our first evening together was on Seyella where Geoff the Cheff made pancakes for us all on Shrove Tuesday. Actually Margaret had made the mixture earlier in the day. After shopping the next day we had tea n cake on board Balmaha.
Mo n Nes moved on next day. See you later on your way back some where.

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