Friday, February 17, 2012


All three boats stopped below the locks at Marton and stayed a couple of nights. An increase in the number of moving boats is quite noticeable as the children are on a short holiday.

Geoff took us all for a walk in the country. Both he and Ann had magic maps to guide the way. There are usually posts with arrows to show the way and styles to climb over. However, when we got to a farmhouse there were none. We wandered about knowing where the canal was but fences and locked gates prevented us getting to it. Eventually we just got under a fence and jumped a ditch. “It was quite an adventure, getting back just before sunset at 5 pm.”

The convoy has now split up. Rock n Roll are going down the Montgomery, Seyella stopped at Frankton while we continued on to Ellesmere to collect post. Next day Seyella continued to Ellesmere for post as well!

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