Saturday, March 10, 2012

Come on down it is free!

We were first at Anderton in July 2002 on our way back from discovering the Leeds and Liverpool canal. At that time the lift had only just been restored to working condition and we took a ride on the trip boat. That cost £3.50 then and taking our boat would have cost £30.
Now it is free. Then it was our turn going in the right hand channel with Rock n Roll.
The lift has two caissons full of water that can take two narrowboats each. They go up and down 50 feet independently using hydraulics taking boats to and from the Trent n Mersey down to the River Weaver.
Geoff was already at the bottom and was waiting for us to come out.

The river is navigable from Winsford at the southern end to Runcorn in the north, a total of 20 miles and 4 locks. Geoff and Margaret went down first in Seyella and another boat.

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