Sunday, March 04, 2012

Salty towns

Middlewich Locks
The Romans were here first, found the salt and realized its value. “Are you worth your salt or salary?” Middlewich and Northwich is where we are. The salt is under the ground and gets pumped out as brine. The entire area is sinking as the salt is removed. The canal is getting deeper as the sides are built up to prevent the water escaping.
The bridges have flat tops and have to be raised to allow boats to pass under. We have moved on to Anderton.

Salt is Sodium Chloride. Made from two elements Sodium and Chlorine both of which are toxic! Chlorine is Bleach. Mix Sodium with Fluoride and you get toothpaste! Sodium, Hydrogen and Carbon make Baking powder. Sodium and fat make soap! So now you see its value!

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Bella said...

Ah yea, I remember before redundancy having a SALary and being Salutory.