Saturday, March 10, 2012

Discovery mode

Now we can discover the Weaver. The river is very calm and peaceful once we get past the salt processing factory. Geoff had kindly arranged all the bookings for the lift and locks for our trip to Winsford and back. So now our convoy is ‘racing’ along the river and passing Northwich.
British Waterways operators were opening the first huge lock. The lift was push button operated but winding huge handles opened the locks. So it was just as well they were being done for us. The locks are wide enough for all three boats to go in side by side. No need for ropes as the lock gently filled up.
The next lock at Vale Royal is a further 2 miles up river and by the time we got there they were being opened.
The visitor moorings were less than a mile further on where it was easy to get off and tie up to rings. This northern river is quite unlike that southern river Thames. This one has a good towpath and moorings are free.

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