Thursday, March 15, 2012

Up to the Trent n Mersey and beyond

We moved to Anderton on Sunday morning while down on the Weaver. The gang came on board Moore 2 Life for a late lunch. We cooked the chicken and an apple crumble pudding. Our thanks to Carol for the wonderful vegetable dishes, gravy and death by chocolate pudding she provided. What a wonderful gathering of friends soon to face separation. But first our thanks to Geoff for arranging the Weaver trip for us all and to celebrate Geoff and Margaret’s anniversary.

On Monday we all moved on to the holding mooring and waited for our lift back up to the Canal.
Despite being out of season there were also two boats waiting to come down. We have all enjoyed our week down on the Weaver having discovered the river from one end to the other. Another time we will explore with more time to do it.

Now we plan our journey down south and leave our friends behind having enjoyed the winter months with them all. It is now a bit strange stopping for the night without the convoy. No choice but to have a cup of tea on our own boat after the days run!

Our electrical system alarm sounded off the other evening suggesting low battery voltage after a run. “Logically this could not be true so what caused the problem?” Voltage levels were ok at first but suddenly dropped when a load came on. After some consideration I switched the master battery switch off and on. Problem solved, a dirty contact.

After shopping at Middlewich and stopping the night on the Shropshire Union branch we moved on all the way to Hurleston during a cold foggy day.

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