Saturday, May 19, 2012

Back in the water

It was after the weekend that the boat got pushed back down the slope. It is on top of two four wheeled trollies one at each end that run on rails. Once on the move the boat entered the water stern first, going in quite deep till buoyancy lifted it off. Then we got on, started the engine and moved away to a mooring. We stayed a while in Braunston waiting for post and doing some shopping.

The number 10 Stagecoach takes us to Daventry every hour but it does not follow the old Geoffrey Amos route. When returning to Braunston get off at the Marina or Church because it goes on to Barby heading for Rugby. It does not pass by the Boathouse!
While we stayed in Braunston I monitored the output from that solar panel fitted by ‘Solarafloat’. Over a period of four days not moving the average output was just over 4 amps. The maximum in sunshine was 8.7 amps. During those four days we had one sunny day. We did not run the engine on that sunny day. For the other 3 cloudy days the engine was run for just over an hour. It is certainly capable of keeping the fridge and radio going most of the day. The only problem is the lack of hot water when not running the engine! 
Other pieces of roof furniture is this ‘Parosol’ base from Argos, just the thing to hang the aerials on and our flower boxes made by a friend at Market Drayton.
Oh my was that a struggle getting this new 'improved' blog editor to do what I want!!


Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

Now come on Chas you know full well it`s a bus that goes into Daventry, NOT a Stagecoach.
I know we all somtimes think we go back in time as we cruise around but the reality is that other world has moved on and horses no longer take you into Daventry.
Hi to Ann

Chas and Ann said...

Thanks Les but you were not there. Four well groomed white horses no less.
Hi to Jaq, Chas