Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Napton locks

Next stop for us is near the bottom lock at Napton. During the afternoon we walked up the hill past a few locks. One top gate had been left open and because the bottom gate was leaking the pound level was very low. When we shut the gate the lock emptied quickly! The shop near the bottom lock is worth a look. They sell canal ware, provisions, books, cards, stamps, sausages from the local butcher and even Calor Gas! Apparently the Folly Inn does food now and is so good you may need to book a table.

As we approached the bottom lock a volunteer was opening it. So I just carried on in after Ann had jumped off. The volunteer told me that the pumps were already pushing water back up to the top. He also mentioned that he read this blog. There was a boat going up in front and several behind us heading up.

 Just as many boats coming down made for an easy trip with locks being ready for us to enter. The restrictions are less severe now with only the top two locks at Marston Doles being locked at night.

“When you get to the top you see a TV transmitter mast in the distance.” The canal twists and turns so much that you loose sight of the mast that is near the moorings we are heading for. Although the water level is normal it is still quite shallow and slow going. “Keep to the middle or you may get stuck on the bends.” There are some protest signs against the High Speed Rail Link that may pass over the canal near bridge 128. That is near the mast and the moorings.

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