Sunday, May 13, 2012

Getting a blacking

 We finally got to Braunston after a Tesco delivery at Willoughby. Quite a bit of room for more boats and we found a space near Butchers bridge. Several boats are going up and down the locks. Next day we moved on to Braunston Boats at the bottom lock and waited. A boat is still on the slipway but is not yet ready to go back in the water. Recent rain delayed progress with the painting. We have made preparations by putting loose and breakable items safely on the floor.

While we wait Mike Allen came to check our boat over for its third Boat Safety Examination. After many visual checks and a thorough test of the gas system we were given a pass.

The boat got pulled out a day later than planned and was immediately pressure washed in the morning. A very thorough clean which took at least an hour. Justin recommended that we have it painted with International ‘Intertuf’ which is compatible but a bit thicker than the standard bitumen blacking. Thankfully the sun came out to dry the boat off so painting started in the afternoon.

I looked at the colour bands at the back and realized they needed a make over. Encouraged by sunshine I donned my work clothes, gathered tools and set about scraping loose paint and rust off. Then it rained. “Don’t know if I am happy or sad now!” The sun came out the next day so I managed to get the first coat of colour paint on. The next day after a light rubbing down the second coat went on. “Now I am happy.” Justin applied the second coat of blacking.

Over the weekend while the boat stayed out of the water we sampled the local public houses. Much has changed over the years and the Mill House became the Boathouse under new management. While The Old Plough kept its name it had recently changed hands. We had often enjoyed the family atmosphere at the Plough and found the Mill House too crowded.

We went to the Boathouse on Saturday with our friends Terry n Myra and really enjoyed a good variety of food with the offer of two meals for one! In reality we ended up paying a normal amount for each meal! On our way out we had a chat with Bob n Jane who were also eating there. I have to say that when we went to the Plough on Sunday we were disappointed with the food and the place has become quite run down. We sat out side with our friends Dave n Lyn and Molly under the table among the long grass.

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