Thursday, May 03, 2012

On a mission

I got back to Ann, Molly and the boat at the end of April. On my journey back by train I saw that the river Cherwell was in flood all over the fields. Once at Great Haywood we saw that the river Trent was also well up and flowing fast. So nature balances out to provide our average water supply. As a Nation we do not seem to save enough of it when it comes in a rush. Modern houses do not have hot or cold water tanks these days. Running the hot tap takes time before the water gets hot! On the boat we have to carry all our water in a tank usually at the front. Another tank near the back contains water heated by the engine, which provides almost instant hot water at the tap.

We had previously arranged to get to Braunston for boat blacking in plenty of time. But because I was obliged to take a week off it is now just doable with some long trips. George n Carol on Rock n Roll has joined us and also needed to get a move on. The first moving day was wet but we achieved twice our average distance by getting to Fradley. We all dried out and had dinner at the Mucky Duck.

George n Carol had planned to get down on the river Nene but now it is closed to navigation due to flood conditions. With no need to rush about they have decided not to continue their journey south. There are many reports on the boater’s blogs about the difficult conditions on the rivers at this time. The Environment Agency is advising boaters to stay put for at least a week. We left Rock n Roll behind to continue our journey south. After two long days we have got to Atherstone.

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