Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Doing the distance

We did not move on Sunday and enjoyed a roast lunch before joining the Coventry canal. Then we were slightly ahead of schedule having got past the Nuneaton rubbish and down the Atherstone flight on Monday.
The lock keepers house is up for sale here and perhaps CRT should ask any buyer to become a volunteer! At least the locks are easier to operate than those on the Oxford. After a quick dash to the Co-op by Watling Street, John helped us down to Bradley Green. He and Rosemarie from Devon Maid first met us before we got on the Thames earlier in the year.

While mentioning friends it has surprised us how many we have met on our journey north. Even before we set off Jill and Graham from Armadillo said hello to me at Banbury. While at Cropredy we met Dave and Georgina. When we got to Braunston Dave n Lyn paid a visit. Then at Rugby our friends John n Militza on Mud Skipper were seen. At Ansty there was Reg n Elaine on Relaine.

Just past the locks at Glascote there was Knot Normal with Mark and Margaret on board. Mark is a boat fitter who helped us with modifications on Moore To Life, our second boat.

Vegetation over growth is just as bad on the Coventry as it is on the Oxford canal. Our journey through Hopwas was a one-way street what with shallow edges, overhanging trees, bushes at bends, and blind bridges. Going slow was the only option to avoid possible head on collisions. The occasional moored boat forced us to travel on the wrong side with no room to pass.

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Ian and Karen said...

Just spotted you moored near Shugborough.
We had just stopped off for a visit and are on our way to Rugeley.
Ian & Karen on nb Tacet