Saturday, October 20, 2012

On to the Trent n Mersey

Sorry readers but this is a posting I missed.

Vegetation on the T n M is just as bad as it is on the Coventry. So it seems to be all over the system. Much of the water narrowed by increasing growth of reed beds as well as the trees n bushes often on both sides.

Another friend past by the name of Pete n Pat on Molly May II. We have known them since the start of our life style choice. We wonder what is going on, why is it that we are seeing so many friends on this trip north? They do not all have access to the Internet and we don't normally ring to see where they are.

We ended the day short of our planned destination by stopping at Rugeley. The shops are improving since last seen. 'Peacocks' have moved into the space left by Woolworths. "Certainly an upmarket move." Our next stop was at Great Haywood. A few days rest waiting for dental appointments.

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