Saturday, October 20, 2012

Staffordshire and Worcestershire

"Surely one of the longest names for a canal." We got diesel, gas and water at the junction and 'lost' the unwanted. On another sunny day we pushed on to Penkridge. Boys and girls were returning home from school crossing over the lock gate with their bags n bikes.

Is this another health n safety nightmare? Talking of which you will now have to supply your own hose to flush out the Elsan container. Back at Great Haywood boat yard we were told that they are not permitted to supply diesel at the water point. The hose is a trip hazard but only in the summer! What about our water hose then?
 Inside Otherton Lock

We enjoyed yet another sunny day after a night of rain progressing to Autherley Junction. "What a treat to find that two miles either side of Gailey the canal was deep n clear.

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