Thursday, October 04, 2012

Over the top

The new marina at Cropredy is being dug out with huge machines. There is a lot to do to get it open by early next year.

Rock n Roll met us here for tea and a chat. Then they followed us up the Claydon flight of locks. With several boats coming down most locks were ready for us, so we got up quickly. Ann would lift a bottom paddle to prepare the lock for Rock n Roll but George was often there already. At the top we moved on a bit but realized they had stopped for the day. So we said our good byes on the phone. They were a day early for leaving their boat at Fenny Compton while we needed diesel there. 
 We passed Nuneaton towing Brighton with a broken rudder!

Then we went on to that mast and stopped for the night lit the fire and set up the TV. Found the signal easily pointing northwest for Birmingham. Thankfully it then rained over night and we were off again next day in sunshine. Heading down the Napton flight with boats coming up. Many boaters were coming up, some more helpful than others. Presumably heading to Banbury for the weekend gathering.

We are pushing ourselves on, doing about 5 hours a day. Trying to meet up with Sue n Vic and to get past some of the stoppages up north. We have reached Braunston. That for us is the start and end place for our travels, but it is full of boats and we were lucky to find a mooring for the night.

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