Sunday, September 30, 2012

Am I on a promise ?

Ann is back with me after going south to see the grand children and family. I have cleaned the pad and now look forward to a real roast dinner on Sunday.

While at Banbury I got John the engineer to check over our fuel system. He cleaned the water trap, changed the fuel filter, tightened up the greasy gland and changed the alternator belt. The fuel system was clean this time. The belt had been squeeking a bit despite being tight enough. Must be at least 2 years ago since we had a 110 amp alternator fitted and a new belt then.

We have now moved up a few locks to Cropredy with Rock n Roll not far behind. A new marina has just started to be dug out here, to be open early next year. On Sunday the site is open for inspection and we may go to see what it is like. Boater's facilities will be available including diesel. At least private enterprise is still trying to improve our lot on the canals.

It is such a shame that so much government money (taxes from us) has gone down the weirs into the pockets of 'fat cats' in government employ. Now that a charity is 'in control' they are appealing to the public to help pay for damage caused in the main from lack of maintenance. Do the public care? Why be a friend if you are still not sure where the funds are going.

As boaters I am sure that our costs will rise, hopefully to pay for more maintenance. It is in our own interest that we pay a bit more. Perhaps boaters should pay for damage caused by them. After all we are obliged to have insurance to cover any claim.

It is quite noticeable how much damage boaters going too fast have done. The canal banks are falling in and bridges damaged. The 'Health n Safety' brigade will have a fit if they walked the Oxford canal towpath.


Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Chas
Good point about boat damage being repaired by funds from insurance cover. It would require a degree of honesty, of course. How many times do we read of stoppages, especially damage to lock gates, in the summer? There's often someone around as a witness. It would be in all of our interests to report such incidents.

Chas and Ann said...

Yes Geoff, I would hope that C&RT would take names of the boat owner and or witnesses at the time. I am not sure if BW ever did.