Thursday, September 13, 2012

A review

A look back over the last few months that have been so different compared to our usual travels on canals. We were so grateful to Carol and George for showing us the way down river and enabling us to visit both Hampton Court and Windsor Castle, for they had looked after Molly. We have also enjoyed the company of Del an Al as well on this journey of discovery down the Thames and Wey.
Hampton Court

Windsor Castle

We have seen houses

and houseboats.

We have seen big boats,

steam boats,

and trip boats.

This is a typical Thames Conservancy lock keepers house.

A few clever boat names were spotted. ‘Nauty Lass’ and ‘Shelfish Beach’ to name only two.

Oh such haste now to get off the wide river because we are on a mission. In a way we shall miss the river scene but must admit to feeling more comfortable back on the canal system. Back to the narrows and shallows.

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