Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stopping for a while

We have arrived at Banbury so that Ann can head of on the train for her medicals and another chance to stay with the grand kids. The fridge is full of ready meals for me. I can do some cooking so have plenty of fresh veg to add. I must not forget to feed Molly and she will be taking me out for walks!

TV reception has failed us here since we have lost our sat dish in the Thames. Most boaters here have difficulty because there are so many trees. Our spiky aerial has been pointed in all directions and the TV retuned several times without success.
Ann is off for a walk with Molly

I have plenty to do updating the contents of our web site with the new pictures taken while on the Thames and Wey. I can listen to my music and watch a few DVD's again.

Our journey back on the southern Oxford Canal has reminded us how bad it has got. There is just too much vegetation that blocks the view ahead. It will take a lot of effort for Canal And River Trust to CART it all away! They know that the weather conditions have caused rapid growth so why not get on and cut it back. More donations and volunteers please. Most locks at this end of the canal have huge single bottom gates that are heavy to open. Luckily some willing walkers helped Ann open them.


Alf said...

Try www.ukfree.tv/transmitters.php to locate the best direction.

Chas and Ann said...

Thanks Alf. I will use that site next time. Chas