Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A new month and more visitors

September arrived and so did the grand children with their dad. They bought their blow up boat and bed. The boat soon got inflated and they were off rowing up river. Many ducks wanted feeding so after a sandwich lunch the crusty bits were thrown to them. Later we all went to The Boatman for dinner.

The two boys used up some paper making many drawings and cartoons to keep them occupied. The Pink Panther cartoons on DVD also kept them quiet for a while.
There are many different types of boat in use here. Kayaks, skiffs, canoes, rowing boats and trip boats to name a few. Many were out and about before breakfast. Our skipper and crew set off again this time with a black plastic bag. They collected enough plastic bottles and rubbish to fill it.  All too soon they were off the boat and heading for home.

Next day we set off and got water at Dapdune Wharf in Guildford. We passed Rock n Roll after Triggs Lock. A fishing match prevented us mooring at our chosen spot so we continued to Pyrford.

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Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi Chas and Anne,
Lovely pictures of the grandkids. You look great Anne! :)