Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A medical emergency

On the way at Newark lock we were joined by another boat. They set off first and it was just before Pigeon Bridge where we saw a lady on the ground with a man making a phone call. The poor lady could not get up. We both stopped to help. Ann got off with a blanket to keep the patient warm on the ground. While the crew of the other boat stayed to comfort the lady the man went off to guide the paramedics the quarter mile to the scene from Pyrford lock. I was able to ask cyclists to get off and people to put their dogs on leads as they pass. Ann got to help with the gas & air and was massaging the ladies hand. It was thought that the poor lady had dislocated her arm when she tripped and fell. Eventually she was able to get up and they all got a ride on the other boat to the lock where the ambulance was waiting.

We have continued our journey and arrived at Runnymede on the Thames. We were very lucky to get our boat in to a good mooring, our National Trust Season Ticket worth paying for.

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